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Natural Resources Commission

Environmental Sustainability Awards


Glenview's Natural Resources Commission sponsors an annual environmental sustainability awards program to recognize organizations in Glenview that are taking the lead with environmental stewardship, innovative best practices, and community outreach. 


These awards enable our community to celebrate practices like preventing pollution, reducing waste, conserving energy, reducing emissions to air and water, and boosting recycling because providing a better, cleaner tomorrow is a priority.

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Congrats to the Village of Glenview Environmental Sustainability Awards Winners 2020!

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Wiseacre Farms
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Blue Star 
Glenshore Condominiums
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New To

Meet the Winners!  

Wiseacre Farms

This hydroponic farm was founded by Glenview resident Avian Sheinfeld.  Plants are grown vertically with no soil in a repurposed shipping container.  Fresh, sustainably grown greens are delivered locally.  This method shortens the food supply chain, cuts carbon emissions, and uses 98% less water than traditional agriculture. 

Blue Star Recyclers
This non-profit recycles electronics while providing jobs for people with disabilities. The company worked with the Glenview Sunrise Rotary Club launching an electronics recycling program with at-home pickup using a fuel-efficient van.  This program contributes to recycling e waste. 

Glenshore Condominiums (2300 and 2350 Chestnut Avenue)
Condo residents in the two buildings installed a variety of plant species native to Cook County in one of the water retention swales on their property next to Gallery Park's environmentally significant area.  The residents managed the swale by controlling invasive species, weeding by hand, and doing controlled mowing/burning. 

Très Mimi
This Glenview-based women's apparel retailer is committed to offering clothing that is good for the planet.  The retailer uses state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and a streamlined supply chain that focuses on sustainable and organic fabrics.   Customers look good while the company does good!  

New To You
This charitable resale shop is located in the lower level of the Glenview Community Church.  Its motto is "Rethink, Repurpose, Restore".  The store sells gently-used items and prevents the use of energy and materials needed to create new things.  Yarn, buttons, fabric scraps, dishes, jewelry, linens, and other items find new homes instead of ending up in the landfill.


Send us the names of Glenview EcoLeaders you know! 

We want to share their story. 


Did You Know?

The Village of Glenview has the largest impact on sustainability. 

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