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People taking creative action to solve a problem

Congrats to the Village of Glenview Environmental Sustainability Awards Winners 2018!

Meet the Winners!  

The Glen Club

The Glen Club is recognized for its campaign to promote the preservation of milkweed on the golf course, which is an important plant for monarch butterflies.  They also conducted educational outreach to golfers through email, flyers, and signage.  They are building a strong foundation for the progress towards a solid habitat preservation program.

Saints Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church
Saints Peter and Paul maintains a ministry to support environmental sustainability to positively influence parishioners.
The environmental ministry includes:
•Recycling program
•Organic garden at Wagner Farm
•Energy efficiency

Oakton Community College
OCC is being recognized for its wide-ranging sustainability program that encompasses college grounds, building operations, and education curriculum.  It provides opportunities for students and faculty to focus on environmental sustainability and practices with actions such as: 
•Annual sustainability report
•Natural areas restoration plan
•Environmental studies concentration
•“Zero Waste” Fall Fest


Send us the names of Changemakers!

Who do YOU know practicing sustainability in Glenview? 

Did You Know?

The Village of Glenview has the largest impact on sustainability. 

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