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Congrats to the Village of Glenview Environmental Sustainability Awards Winners 2019!

Meet the Winners!  

Wild Birds Unlimited

The Wild Birds Unlimited store in Glenview on Waukegan Road serves as an educational resource regarding wild bird feeding and reaches out to the community to promote the care and feeding of wild birds..  The company also focuses on showing how bird feeding leads to environmental awareness.  

Woodworth Prairie
Woodworth Prairie offers a visitor center, a restoration garden, and mowed walking trails to engage local
residents. The prairie is a 5.4-acre grassland remnant
managed and owned by the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Current policy now encourages UIC student exposure to history, biodiversity, and the importance of insect pollinators.

Glenview Public Library
The Glenview Public Library is recognized for its education and outreach related to monarch butterflies.  The reduction in milkweed plants is one reason for the steep decline in the monarch butterfly population. The library has spearheaded preservation efforts that include planting milkweed and nectar plants in existing gardens to host monarch caterpillars and developing programs to build awareness.

Effective Air
This Glenview-based HVAC company has been in operation for 80 years and operates as a green company.  They use R-410A refrigerant, a climate-neutral refrigerant. The company recycles materials (steel, aluminum, copper, wiring, motors, compressors, oil, and cardboard) and works with the Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse and Rebuilding Together program to support building material reuse. They also educate clients on whole house filtration and ways to reduce energy usage.   

This company is being recognized for sustainable investing by adhering to its fiduciary duty while seeking investments that have a positive impact on the environment and society. They have implemented a Climate Action Plan to ID, assess, systematically manage climate-related investment risks and opportunities.  They promote sustainable operations such as installing four electric vehicle charging stations, green waste management, and construction using environmentally-friendly materials.  Outside, they use native landscaping. 

Send us the names of Changemakers!

Who do YOU know practicing sustainability in Glenview? 

Did You Know?

The Village of Glenview has the largest impact on sustainability. 

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