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How To Certify a Glenview Native Habitat Garden 

What Do I Need to Certify? 

We've partnered with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and follow their process to certify all native habitat gardens. Our goal is for 250 native wildlife habitats to become certified across Glenview. 


The NWF has a specific checklist for certification organized around four habitat components -- food, water, cover, and places to raise young -- and practicing sustainable gardening techniques such as eliminating pesticides, conserving water, and planting native species.  When your garden includes all their requirements, you can certify (no one comes to look at your garden). 

The process is easily completed online.  There is a $20 processing fee (think donation) to complete the certification. 

Start Certification

Download the Garden Certification Walk-Through Checklist

Here are the four habitat components and more information about each. 

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Native plants provide nectar, seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, foliage, pollen, and insects eaten by an exciting variety of wildlife. Feeders can supplement natural food sources.

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All animals need water to survive and some need it for bathing or breeding as well.

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Wildlife need places to find shelter from bad weather and places to hide from predators or stalk prey.

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Wildlife need resources to reproduce and keep their species going. Some species have totally different habitat needs in their juvenile phase than they do as adults.

How-To, Plant Lists, All About Pollinator Gardens, and Where to Shop
Check out our extensive resources for how-to suggestions, plant lists, pollinator gardens, and more! Plus you'll find a list of recommended vendors for all your native habitat garden needs (or wants)!

Everything you need to get started including a great list of resources.

Here's what you need and how to get certified by the National Wildlife Federation. 

Check out our progress towards getting the Village of Glenview certified. 

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