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Open Burning

Glenview Municipal Code


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Article 11:  REFUSE

Sec. 58-34. - Collection and disposal.

 (d)   Open burning. The open burning of leaves, branches, trunks and roots of trees, bushes and shrubs, rubbish, waste, garbage, paper, carbonaceous materials or any other combustible materials on any public or private property within the Village is unlawful and prohibited; provided, however, that this subsection shall not apply to the noncommercial cooking of food in outdoor fireplaces or grills.



Sec. 1-16. - General penalty.

(a) Whenever in this Code or in any ordinance of the Village any act is prohibited or is made or declared to be unlawful or an offense, or whenever in such Code or ordinance the doing of any act is required or the failure to do any act is declared to be unlawful, where no specific penalty is provided therefor, the violation of any such provision of this Code or any ordinance shall be considered a petty offense subject to a fine of not less than $100.00 and not exceeding $1000.00. Each day any violation of any provision of this Code or of any ordinance shall continue shall constitute a separate offense.

(b) Any fine, judgment, penalty, or cost that remains unpaid after 60 days from the day upon which it is assessed shall operate as a lien upon the underlying parcel that is superior to all other liens and encumbrances, except tax liens.

(c) The Village clerk is authorized to collect or receive any and all fines assessed or imposed by any hearing officer or court of competent jurisdiction by virtue of a violation of any provision of this Code or any other ordinance violation of the Village, except as may be otherwise provided by law.

(Code 1959, § 1.13; Ord. No. 4801, §§ 2, 3, 10-6-2005; Ord. No. 5411, 12-13-2010; Ord. No. 5524, § 22, 11-15-2011)


Feel free to share this information with neighbors or Glenview friends who think it's okay to engage in open burning in their yards.  Thank you for helping Glenview be a healthful environment.

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