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Glenview Park District Purchases Land

Kudos to the Glenview Park District for purchasing a 1.1 acre parcel of land from the Avoca School District.

In accordance with its master plan, the Park District aims to transform the acquired land, which currently includes a rental house on Hunter Road, into a neighborhood park with nature playground elements and walking paths for local residents.

“It’s central to our mission as a park district to protect public land and promote the development of green spaces,” said Michael McCarty, Glenview Park District Executive Director. “Transforming this property into an outdoor park allows us to further enrich the community by improving residents’ access to nature, which is a key part of our master plan.”

The development of a park will protect more than 60 healthy and mature trees that are currently located on the land, according to the news release An assessment of the trees showed incredible diversity – 18 different species – and included a total of 23 oak trees of three varieties. Eleven of these oak trees are estimated to be older than the park district itself, ranging from 100 to 150 years old.

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