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Thank You, Glenview, for Making SportSwap 2023 A BIG Success!

What a great four days. Thank you to the equipment donors and hundreds of shoppers who made Greener Glenview’s August 27th SportSwap successful! Here are some details:

  • Approximately 25% of donors chose to donate items (no voucher)

  • Thousands of dollars in voucher credits were issued as many donors wanted to return and shop

  • EVERY donor expressed gratitude for a reason to both clean out their homes of unused equipment AND provide someone else with the opportunity to re-use their stuff

  • Many shoppers who did not use all their credit left their vouchers for the cashiers to apply to other shoppers -- a great way to pay it forward.

Here are some fun statistics about the swap and the donations:

  • $723 in cash was collected for the Glenview Park Foundation (after shoppers cashed their vouchers)

  • 21 tables of merchandise, plus the gym walls

  • 91 golf clubs, 52 baseball bats, 38 baseball mitts, 20 lacrosse sticks, 35 tennis/badminton racquets, 20 fishing poles

  • 67 pairs of shoes (mostly soccer), 19 pairs of in-line skates

  • 11 skateboards, 7 scooters (2-wheel), 1 unicycle

  • 12 lawn chairs, a number of camping tents, sleeping bags & pads, an inflatable raft

  • 4 portable soccer goals, 1 pitch-back

  • 8 pairs of cross-country skis and ski poles; snowshoes; downhill skis, ski boots, 11 sleds

  • Miscellaneous: martial arts chest & kick pads, bowling ball, dart board, cricket score board, bocce set, frisbee golf, foldable ladder game, boxing gloves, tabletop boxing set, bike carrier, shin & elbow guards for multiple sports, pogo sticks, and more!

  • Hundreds of balls (basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, softball, baseball, golf, tennis

Many thanks to SportSwap coordinator Ann Yoshida and hard-working Greener Glenview volunteers: Jane Bradbury, Laura Brancky, Melissa Dahlquist, Debbie DePalma and son Yaseen, Judy Dorr, Annalee Fjellberg, Mike Hummel, Tom Johnson, Kimberly Kraft, Sheri Latash, Terri Morgan, Sara Spitz, Cathy Wilson, and Marie Zlotnikov.

More thanks to the Glenview Park District’s Joe Pollina, Brian O’Malley, Arianne Venuso-Paskvan, and the wonderful custodial staff at the Park Center.

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