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Want to Save Water? Sign up for the Village Water Portal

Here’s a great idea for a greener Glenview!

In 2016, the Village completed the replacement of all water meters in Glenview with meters that are more accurate and use new technologies. The improvements allow the Village's system to record hourly consumption readings for all metered accounts. By using the Water Consumption Portal, customers can see their actual water consumption, and more actively manage their water account.

Once signed up, customers will be able to:

· Receive automatic email notifications of possible leaks in their home

· Explore their historic, monthly, weekly, and hourly usage

· View their current balance and previous water bills

· Set notifications to alert them if their usage is projected to exceed a self-determined threshold

· See how their usage measures up with comparable homes.

Signing up is easy!

All you need is your account number and customer ID, which both can be found on your quarterly bill, and your ZIP code.

Go online to: to sign up. Click on the "Find My Account" button, and you will be prompted to enter your email address and create a password.

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