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Village Needs to Create an Environmental Team

When we launched Greener Glenview last fall, we hoped that Glenview village government would become a sustainability leader. The Greenest Region Compact provides many paths for demonstrating leadership. We are heartened by the expanded scope of the ENRC, and the Board's interest in moving forward on sustainability goals. Greener Glenview appreciates the opportunity to provide our perspective.

Sustainability Needs Collaboration

We believe that the village’s planning for sustainability should be conducted in collaboration with other units of local government. Planning should be village-wide in scope, extending beyond municipal operations and actions by the New Development Commission.

We know that Glenview’s Natural Resources Manager regularly communicates with Park District staff. And we are glad that our Public Works Deputy Director is participating in the new municipal Regional Working Group on Leaf Blower Regulations.

We encourage the Village Board and staff take a step further, and to formalize an Environmental Team among village departmental staff. Additionally, we would like to see a joint Environmental Team with other local government entities--that is, the Park District, the library, and the school districts.

Learn from the Glenview Park District

Much can be learned from the Glenview Park District. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Their strategic plan includes three sustainability objectives:

1) Reducing its carbon footprint

2) Preserving and protecting natural resources

3) employing sustainable building practices.

To implement its Strategic Plan, the Park District relies on input from its Environmental Team. The team is composed of representatives from facilities throughout the district. The team meets monthly, and recommends environmental policies, assists in evaluating the cost-effectiveness of environmental initiatives, conducts training on environmental issues, and has created and implemented an Environmental Management System.

We encourage the Village board and staff to: 1) examine and adopt the park district’s environmental policy and guiding principles; and 2) establish a structure for system-wide collaboration on implementation of goals in the Greenest Region Compact.

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