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Summary of GG October 27 Kickoff Meeting!

We had a great turnout at our kickoff meeting on October 27 -- more than 30 people attended! Here’s a quick summary of what happened at the meeting.

As people arrived, each person was asked to fill out a Personal Environmental Action Inventory. We were pleased with the results; so many of you are taking individual action. You can see the results of the survey here. And through Greener Glenview, we hope to show how the power of one can be magnified when we act together.

We opened the meeting saying, "Welcome to the launch of Greener Glenview," and the room broke out in applause.

The program focused on how the Greenest Region Compact (GRC) can serve as a guiding framework for environmental sustainability in Glenview. The GRC is an initiative of the Metropolitan Mayors Conference and focuses on categories, objectives, goals, strategies, and tools for municipalities to use to achieve environmental sustainability. The Glenview Board of Trustees signed on to the GRC in November, 2020. You can read more about the GRC here.

Though designed for municipal action, the GRC is a very useful framework for guiding the thinking and actions of all of us: individuals, businesses, school districts, park districts, libraries, houses of worship and organizations, such as Greener Glenview.

After a discussion of the GRC, the meeting opened to participation from everyone in attendance. The audience was invited to name their top priorities for local environmental action and then each person selected his or her top five priorities of all mentioned. Here’s what attendees selected as top priorities. The number next to the topic indicates the number of participants who consider that item a top-five priority.


15 Clean energy by 2030

13 Climate action plan for Glenview

9 Leaf blower ban

8 Decarbonization

7 EV infrastructure

7 Traffic emissions/design


8 Trees

8 Native plantings

8 Lawn chemicals

6 Chemical use in general


8 Conserving/protecting water; decreased use of bottled water

8 Recycling

6 Food waste


7 Education

5 Information sharing

Please tell your friends and neighbors about Greener Glenview, and plan to attend upcoming events. Bring a friend! Consider volunteering to help Greener Glenview as it grows.

An organizational meeting for volunteers will be scheduled for mid January. Here’s the list of events posted on our website.

We look forward to working together to bring a focus on environmental sustainability to Glenview.

Sheri Latash and Mary Munday


Greener Glenview

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