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Skip the Plastic Wrap

Food wrap choices have long focused on petroleum-based options, which can have health and environmental consequences. For example, cling wrap – the sticky, thin plastic film often used to cover food dishes – is not reusable nor recyclable.

Here are some alternatives:

• Beeswax wrap – This reusable and plastic-free option infuses organic cotton with naturally malleable beeswax to create a sustainable, versatile cling wrap alternative that keeps food fresh.

• Glass containers – Glass jars are washable, reusable, durable and recyclable.

• Cloth wrapping – You can make your own elastic and cloth bowl covers or use the Japanese cloth wrapping technique, furoshiki, which utilizes a square piece of cloth or fabric to wrap food or other items.

• Soy wax paper – Conventional wax paper contains paraffin wax, which is linked to poor circulation, diabetes and other health conditions. Plus, it’s not recyclable. Soy wax paper is a more sustainable choice. It’s compostable, nontoxic and often made with sustainable ingredients.

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