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Noise, artificial light, and traffic impact the environment
and human health.
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Greener Glenview, with funding from a 2023 Judy Beck Grant, is providing important and timely information about three (3) issues that impact human health and hard the environment: artificial light at night, noise, and traffic. 


Over the few years, there have been at least six major and minor development proposals that will alter the built environment in Glenview.

Understanding how these issues impact our health and the environment is important as the village moves ahead with decisions about new development and construction in Glenview.  

These three programs are designed to educate both the public and decision-makers on the impact of these three issues on our quality of life, safety, and the environment. 

Did you miss the Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) presentation?

Watch the videos here.  

Learn about the July 24 presentation "How Much Noise Is Too Much? It's Not Just Your Hearing Being Harmed.

Check out the three "Hidden in Plain Sight" programs. 
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Coming Monday, July 24:

How Much Noise Is Too Much? It's Not Just Your Hearing

Being Harmed


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